The Department of Archeology and Ancient Civilization is one of the departments of the Faculty of Archeology / University of Dhi Qar

This section is concerned with studying the effects of ancient civilizations such as palaces, temples, buildings, inscriptions, writings and other material remains for the purpose of identifying the reality of knowledge, science, social, political, economic and religious life of the inhabitants of these civilizations through a set of scientific courses and curricula mixed between the practical study of excavation, research and investigation in sites Working with international and local missions scattered in archaeological sites and between theoretical studies, in which the courtyard of the Faculty of Archeology and its study halls is a wide field .

The most prominent courses taught in our department are ancient languages, conservation and restoration, archaeological excavations, the arts of ancient Iraq, the entrance to archeology, and other subjects that are integrated with each other to form the personality of the archaeological individual and a breakthrough towards broader scientific spaces in this field of knowledge. ..

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