The Faculty library was established in 2018 and collected its resources through purchase and denoting.  It has a large hall (8 * 4) containing the office shelves and a place for reading.

1- The library has a classification according to the Dewey Global System.
2- Also all books and resources have been entered into the electronic system for easy borrowing and searching.
3- In addition, the library contains 1000 books and 33 letters and more than 50 journals, all of them are related to ancient antiquities, written in Arabic and English languages.

Tasks of the College Library Division

1- Cataloging and classifying books according to a library system.
2- Receipt of purchase and gift books by the librarian.
3- Borrow books for students and follow up on returning them to the library.
4- Entering books electronically for the purpose of inventory and lending.
5- Paste the classification numbers on the books and arrange them according to the numbers.

Division Officer: Muhammad Abdul Wahed Jiyad Hussain

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