The first virtual conference under the title (Archaeology is a document of history)

For the period from 23-24 / 9/2020
The sessions of the first virtual international conference, which was held by the Faculty of Archeology, University of Dhi Qar, included research papers for a large gathering of Arab researchers and scholars from Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The Arab countries affirmed their openness to the world’s antiquities and civilization, and the final statement of the conference included a number of recommendations, the most prominent of which are Noting the importance and value of antiquities, both material and immaterial, in preserving the national identity and introducing it to the rising generations and preserving it by restoring and maintaining it, as well as to be a reliable source of historical information in addition to being a destination for tourists and a resource for tourism and the state’s economy. The history of nations, which is the true memory of history.

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