Name and surname: Ahmed Fadel Ajimi Al-Hasnawi
PhD in Philosophy of Islamic History
Specialization in Islamic thought and civilization
Associate Dean of the Faculty of Archeology for Administrative Affairs

Educational path:
– Bachelor’s degree in history from Al-Mustansiriya University / College of Education in the academic year 1990-1991
– Master’s degree in Islamic history from Dhi Qar University / College of Arts in 2013
– Doctorate degree in (Islamic philosophy of history / specialty of Islamic thought) from the University of Basra / College of Arts / 2018

International certificates obtained
1- ICDL Certificate from Microsoft (Gec 070201430 / 30 SEP2010)
2- Microsoft Certification (2274 **Managing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment ) Egypt 2006
3- Microsoft Certificate (2275 *Managing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment) Egypt 2006
4- Introduction TO Network Administration ON Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Egypt 2006
5- 2072 Implementing and administering SQL S ERVER 2000 Baghdad 2006
6- Certificate of Rise Foundation for Evolutionary Education in Iraq USAID-Rise 2007
7- Certificate of General Educational Administration of the Italian Sodjust Aid Foundation, Nasiriyah 2008
8- Certificate from Administrative Leadership and Basic Communications / USAID-IRAQ

Books published by him:
– A book explaining Nahj al-Balagha by Ibn Abi al-Hadid as a source for studying the history of the Arabs before Islam (published by Dar al-Nahj al-Balagha, Najaf, 2017)
– Arabs before peace in the explanation of Nahj al-Balaghah (published by Al-Hassad House, Damascus 2016)
– Atonement in the Islamic heritage until the end of the eighth century AH (published by the Holy Shrine – Karbala – 2019)

Published Research:
1- Employment attraction between authoritarian trends and the mechanisms of atonement in Islamic thought (Al-Mada magazine, Basra 2018)
2- The effect of atonement on the historical narrative and its reflections in Islamic thought (Al-Mada magazine, Basra 2018)
3- A study in the methodology of the sacred according to the interpreters and the realism of the text among the people of the biography, the first revelation novels as a model (published in the Basra Research Journal for Human Sciences / Volume 46, Issue (1) January 2021)
4-The anthropomorphic narratives in Islamic thought between symbolism and realism, the Twelver Imami thought as a model (published in Uruk Journal of Human Sciences / Muthanna / Volume 14, Issue (1) April 2021)
5- The dialectic of Muslims’ qiblah between the Grand Mosque and Jerusalem, an analytical study (published acceptance from the Journal of Historical Studies / Basra on 19/1/2021)
6- Shelter and sponsorship between the Qur’anic text and the narrative heritage, an analytical study (Journal of the College of Education for Human Sciences / Dhi Qar University 2021)

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