Different Work Shops and Webinars held at the Faculty of Archeology during the period of the outbreak of Coronavirus from 8/3/2020 to 17/7/2020, Table below:-


Lecturer’s Name Activity Type Lecture Title Date
1 Ahmed Fadhil Ujaimi Work Shop Using the Google Classroom e-class program in the educational process 8/3/2020
2 Ali Raheem Abualhail Webinar The status of the urban archeology between the religious text and the jurisprudential authentication reason – an analytical reading 4/5/2020
3 Meethaq Musa Eesa Webinar Scientific research methodology general characteristics 7/5/2020
4 Ahmed Fadhil Ujaimi Webinar Queen Balqees between the Qur’an text, inscriptions and archaeological finds 18/5/2020
5 Hussein Huwail Ghayadh Webinar Cultural Anthropology and its role in understanding human nature 19/5/2020
6 Sami Jawda B’aeed Webinar The Semites are their origins and their homeland 20/5/2020
7 Mukhalad Thiyab Faisal Webinar Political opposition in the era of Islam 20/5/2020
8 Ahmed Fadhil Ujaimi Webinar Political opposition in the era of the Umayyad state 22/5/2020
9 Hussein Mohammed Rudha Webinar Swimming and diving in the Assyrian civilization in light of the discovered monuments 31/5/2020
10 Faraqid Dawood salman Webinar Historical study of Iraqi antiquities during the monarchy (1921-1958) 31/5/2020
11 Muhammed Ali Abdul-Ameer Webinar Ramesses in the nineteenth family 4/6/2020
12 Uhood Abbas Ahmed Webinar The health situation in Basra at the end of the nineteenth century 11/6/2020
13 Meethaq Musa Eesa Webinar The first human reforms in the world according to cuneiform texts 2/6/2020
14 Hussein Mohammed Rudha Webinar The mechanism of working in the electronic examination for students and professors of the Faculty of Archeology 28/6/2020
15 Wijdan Ja’afar Ghalib Webinar Abu Al-Hassan Al-Madani and his role in the historical Tradition 1/ 7 / 2020
16 Safa’a Nasir Sharid Webinar The historical criticism of Sheikh Asad Haidar in his book Al-Imam Al-Sadiq and Al-Madhahib 9/ 7 / 2020
17 Athmar Abdul-Hussein Webinar The political system in ancient Iraq

11/7/ 2020

Archeology webinars

On Monday, 12/4/2021, the Faculty of Archeology, Dhi Qar University hosted Assistant Professor Dr. (Cinzia Papi), an Assyrian scholar and archaeologist in the Near East, and she is an assistant professor at the University of Leipzig (Germany), in an electronic seminar that dealt with (the results of archaeological excavations in the Koi region). Sanjak (in the presence of a group of professors, specialists and followers of the history of ancient Iraq.

The Faculty of Archeology, in cooperation with Sapienza University in Rome, held an electronic scientific symposium entitled (Archaeological Excavations in Tel Sargul) for Professor David Nadali.

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