Tasks of the Human Resources Division

1- Supervising the performance of the work and duties of the employees of the Administrative Affairs Division, following up on their activities, and distributing the tasks entrusted to them, each according to his duties, in a way that contributes to the development and flow of administrative work in the college.
2- Completion of all promotion transactions for college employees who have completed the prescribed period and according to the directives and instructions received by us from the Presidency of the University / Human Resources Department.
3- Completing all bonuses for employees entitled to the bonus and issuing administrative orders for the annual bonus for each employee, according to the controls and instructions.
4- Participation in most of the committees formed in the college for this year.
5- Complete the database of contracts and lecturers and send it to the Presidency of the University for the purpose of renewing their contracts
6- Completing the data hall of the job number for our college affiliates and sending it to the university presidency.
7- Issuing administrative orders for our employees who have been accepted into postgraduate studies regarding granting them study leave and their disengagement, according to the controls and instructions received from the Presidency of the University / Postgraduate Studies Department.
8- Distributing mail on a daily basis to the scientific departments and units in the college, each according to its ownership, in order to ensure the flow of work and inform all employees of the books and instructions directed to be circulated by the Dean of the College.
9- Work on archiving all official books (incoming and outgoing) by the electronic unit.
10-Organizing regular, sick and time leaves and calculating the balance for each employee.
11-Keeping incoming and outgoing mail on paper with special files, in addition to electronic archiving.
12-Attending workshops and seminars held by the University Presidency.

Division official: Bassem Yasser Khalis

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